Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet hair bow holder

In 2009, I chose some absolutely adorable nursery bedding for my sweet baby girl from Pottery Barn Kids. I didn't find any artwork for her room that thrilled me, so my mom and I decided to just make our own using some old and new fabrics in her stash and mine. We covered two canvas frames with this fabric and then created the birds and trees. I love the finished product...they are kid appropriate and not too cutesy.
We have been purchasing bows for her slightly unruly hair (I hope she got more of my husband's hair genes or there is no hope for her hair...), which presented a storage issue. We had bows all over her dresser, under her dresser, in her diaper bags. You get the idea. My mom came to the rescue and took the lead on the solution: a wall mounted bow holder. She used the remainder fabric from our wall art project and made this adorable bow holder. I am pleased with how it looks and how it will help us get a little more organized with the bows. Now, if I could only organize the rest of my life to be so beautiful and functional...


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