Friday, September 2, 2011

epic knitting fail

So I have been trying to use up a small amount of leftover rosy pink yarn from my leg warmer kick of 2010...naturally I decided to make more leg warmers for my giant toddler who can no longer wear the ones I originally made for her. This time I decided to make them a bit larger to hopefully accommodate her wearing them for two years. I think she might be blessed with her daddy's tall genes and I am having a hard time guessing how big she will be in planning clothing/craft projects...I have been the same size since I was 12 (which was roughly a hundred years ago) and only struggle with fitting into my clothes depending on the amount of cinnamon rolls I consume vs. time spent running.

Two weeks ago I sat down and started these legwarmers. I followed the pattern I originally used from the great knitting website, Never Not Knitting.
One problem...I used a different yarn than the pattern called for and did not make a gauge swatch. I know, I know, all you fiber crafters out there are saying, well, well that is what happens dummy. I should have tested the yarn with this pattern. I forgot that I drastically altered it when making baby leg warmers the first go round. The yarn is pretty, but not nearly as stretchy as the yarn suggested in the pattern. So, EPIC FAIL. I tried them on my daughter and they are huge and totally will not work. UGH. I must rip this all out and start over. I hate starting over, but it must be done...have you started any projects/tried any recipes that ended disastrously lately?


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