Monday, September 5, 2011

Peach Pie...Oh My

I made my first peach pie right before we got to deal with a fun trio of natural disasters in this part of the world. Forrest fires, earthquakes, and looming hurricanes put a damper on my baking...fortunately I prepared this treat beforehand. I followed a recipe I found in a cookbook from the library. It is from The Loveless Cafe in Tennessee. Hubs thought it tasted like peach/pumpkin pie. My parents also ate some after the storm debris cleanup day and seemed to enjoy it. They had no power and were exhausted so they probably would have enjoyed mudpies that night. I would have rather it just tasted like sweet peach pie. Need to find another recipe to compare. Any good suggestions? Fall and winter are such wonderful times to experiment with pie recipes. I am looking forward to making some pumpkin pies. One word for them...yum. Fortunately, I am running a good bit right now in preparation for the Wicked10K race so the pie calories don't even count(technically they count, but I like to ignore them when I have exercise minutes to count).


I like the Joy of Cooking Open-faced peach custard pie. Let me know if you don't have the Joy of Cooking cookbook and I'll send you the recipe.

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