Friday, June 24, 2011

Big head...big hats

I am an accessories junkie. I love to add hats, scarves, or necklaces to my outfits. My grandmommy was an accessories junkie so I "get it honest." There is just one problem with my love affair with accessories...I have a big head. I have big hair. I love hats, but constantly have troubles finding hats to fit my head. They are usually just a tad too tight and I want to scream every time I see a hat label that says one size fits most. My husband is probably sick of my hat sizing complaints that he hears every time I take him shopping and try on a few hats. When I traveled to Florida recently I had a stroke of good shopping luck. I found a big white beach hat and two fedoras. Three hats! My summer hat looks are I need to get my winter hats settled. I found this great chunky knit beanie pattern from while knitting web surfing one night.
I used some more of my Spud and Chloe yarn I purchased at the Black Mountain yarn shop. Isn't this a fabulous color? I love how it turned out. It is simple and cute. A perfect hat to throw on when I go out on cold weekends this fall and winter.

tried to take a self portrait...notice the busy little hands

my new hat did not stay on my head long...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Norfolk Nuptials

Last weekend we gathered on the banks of the Elizabeth River to celebrate a friend's wedding. Let me tell you, it was hot, hot, hot in the bright sunshine and 95 degree weather (I downed about 8 glasses of lemonade)...but the wedding was beautiful. The bride and groom radiated happiness in spite of the heat. The wedding had gorgeous flowers, great live music, delicious food (the fried green tomatoes were the best), and lovely little herb favors. Their thoughtful planning was evident before, during, and after the ceremony. Don't you just love to discover a drink with your name on it?! I took a few photos to capture the day with the pocket point and shoot. Weddings are such joyous occasions!
love the light shimmering off the water
all the guests had mason jars with their names on them

the first dance

table decorations

herb favors

They had mason jars on their invite and throughout the day, so another friend and I decided to give her a mason themed gift basket. We included a delicious cookie mix jar, homemade strawberry jam, and homemade plum preserves. I also went vintage hunting and found two beautiful fabric napkins to include in our basket. Love vintage linens! I also made a sweet little card to accompany the basket. It doesn't really match, but I made the card before I decided on the basket colors/contents. Hopefully they will enjoy the basket's sweet treats as they nest and establish their home.

basket of deliciousness


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saluting Major Dad

I did make a fun card a couple weeks ago for my brother-in-law who has just finished a Master's Degree in Military Science with the Marine Corps.
This photo is not great due to the fact that I took it in the back of a moving car, but you get the general idea.
I made an envelope out of an old NC road map to go with the card. I love map envelopes! I like to call him Major Dad...he takes the nickname in good fun since his rank is actually Major and he is surrounded with a house full of women. We purchased a Starbucks gift card to go with it. Can't go wrong with a coffee related gift. Somehow it just so much easier to justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on coffee breaks when you pay with gift cards. My husband and I are so excited for him and this educational accomplishment. Go Major Dad!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunshine State of Mind

This past weekend my little bird traveled with me to Florida to visit family and a dear friend from college days. The weather was sunny and hot, no surprise there. The company was great and the food was absolutely delicious. We shared some great conversation, wine, and authentic Italian food at Cafe Vico in Ft. Lauderdale. I ordered the chicken ravioli with a cherry red wine sauce. Doesn't this look wonderful?

We took a short road trip to South Beach and had Sunday brunch at a great diner called The Big Pink. I had a great big cup of coffee (heaven) and waffles with banana and strawberry. Am I making you hungry yet? I also had my first Cuban coffee...with milk.

While I was waiting at airports and visiting I also did some crafting...I
finished up this simple rolled brim hat with some of the Spud and Chloe yarn I bought in Black Mountain. Looks adorable...she tried it on for me and didn't want to take it off. Silly girl...winter hats are not needed in the sunshine state.

My grandmother is now 87 (87!) and I got a chance to introduce my daughter to her while in Ft. Lauderdale. My daughter was a happy traveler and had a great time visiting my Nana. Nana's dog was a different story. We are still working on the dog love. We do not have any dogs so she is not sure what to do with them.
It is always just wonderful to visit with true friends. It really seems like no time has passed at all every time we get together. Our lives continue to evolve and change in good ways (husbands, kids, vacation adventures) and bad ways (work, stress, more work), but our friendship remains. I am blessed with her friendship and look forward to what the next three years will bring us both!

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