Sunday, September 11, 2011

making handmade cards

Making cards in my condo is quite a production because it involves pulling all the supplies out from their stashed locations here, there, and in my parent's attic storage. My craft dreams involve having my own special craft bunker/room one day to store paper cutters, glue, stamps, envelopes, yarn stash, needles... In the meantime, during this season of our lives, I pull all the stuff out a few times a year and make cards in advance. I know my parents birthdays will come every January, so I can plan and have their cards made in advance.
I have been on a card making kick the past couple weeks. I made several cards by repurposing old pages from a Japanese art book. I am not generally drawn to Japanese motifs and artwork, but I loved the colors and muted tones on these pages.

I also made quite a few cards with bright colors and happy shapes. I love to send happy greetings in the mail. My mailbox is generally full of spam and bills. Cards and letters are like rays of sunshine amongst all that dreariness. Hopefully the recipients of these cards will enjoy them as much I enjoyed making them. Gotten any mail lately that brought a smile to your face?


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