Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Happy Tree Favorites

So I declared 2011 as my year to "get stuff done"...and am happy to report that I did accomplish quite a bit. My top completed five projects from 2011, in no particular order.

1. Silhouette gifts. I made two silhouette gifts for a Christmas gift for my sister. I was hesitant to use this turquoise color, but I love, love how they turned out. My nieces were so funny when I bugged them to take profile photos...4 and 6 year old girls are used to looking at the camera and plastering smiles on. They looked at me like I was a bit crazy, but thankfully, I got the shots and proceeded with my secret gift project.

2. Blanket projects. I made four knitted blankets this year, which sounds impressive, except that three of the four were actually baby doll blankets for my daughter and nieces. I knitted a whole bunch of squares last year and FINALLY got it together and completed the blanket. My mom also finished my 10 year blanket project from my college t-shirts. I am currently snuggling with this special blanket on the sofa. It holds so many fun memories and turned out just how I imagined it would a decade ago.
 3. Seashell photo frames. We live close to the beach, but also vacationed at the beach with my in-laws this summer. It was quite a week. My teething toddler did not care a bit about the beach, but I loved the time spent in total beach relaxation. I bullied everyone into taking family photos on the beach and I spent several days collecting tiny bits of shells to bring home for this project. I made a large frame for my sister-in-law and smaller gray-toned frame for one of my sisters. They both seemed to like them. 

4. Cozy pink hat. I have a big head and unfortunately for me, big hair as well. This big head/big hair combo makes winter months frustrating because I can't find comfortable beanie hats. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a big head hat. I love the color, the simplicity of the hat, and most of all, the comfort factor of this hat. Sometimes I just wear it around my is true hat love.

5. Birthday cards. I love making and sending birthday cards. I love that moment of opening my mailbox to find birthday cards instead of bills. It is nice that loved ones can send well wishes on facebook, emails, and texts, but for me, they don't replace an actual card. I love cards and I had a great time creating cards in 2011.

Not sure what my project list looks like for 2012, but I am sure it will fill up fast. Here's to another great year of patterns, projects, and photos.


Love the silhouettes! What a great idea!

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