Friday, August 5, 2011

Reluctant to entertain? Me too...

Reluctant Entertainer, The: Every Woman's Guide to Simple and Gracious HospitalityI read a great book a couple months ago called The Reluctant Entertainer by Sandy Coughlin . It encourages women to embrace entertaining as a way of life. She discusses her transformation from reluctant to seasoned entertainer. The book has great anecdotes and recipes to try. She included this quote by Chuck Swindoll from his book Dropping Your Guard which really spoke to me.
"It is only when I share life's experiences with others that I can enjoy them to the greatest advantage. You see, having a relationship calls for being in fellowship with others, and that cannot be done very easily at arm's length. It implies getting in touch, feeling the hurts, being an instrument of encouragement and healing. Fences must come down. Masks need to come off. Welcome signs need to be hung outside the door. Keys to the locks in our lives must be duplicated and distributed. Bridges need to be lowered to allow others to cross the moat and then share our joys and our sorrows."

Are you in relationship with others? Are you connected or holding others at a safe distance? Do you share your ups and downs honestly and openly? Do you talk to your friends or just read their Facebook feeds? I was convicted by this quote and have been making a concerted effort to be in closer relationship this year with loved ones. Our modern lives are so hurried and harried that this proves to be an ongoing challenge for me. Read this book if you get the opportunity and tell me your thoughts.


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