Monday, August 1, 2011

Boy Crafting

Okay, my sweet husband willingly goes into craft stores and listens to me discuss my never ending projects, but that is where his craft love ends. He happily supports my craft habit, but has no interest in joining me. It is refreshing that every summer I have a craft buddy, at least for one short week. One of his nephews comes to visit for a week and I have selected projects for us to do so we are not video game/tv zombies every night he visits. Two summers ago I dragged the crew into the craft store and G selected some blue yarn for a hat/scarf I knitted for him. Last summer we painted these canvas prints. G's was the coolest...he did some serious 10 year old speed painting and I loved the finished project. The wash he put on it looks great. My robot turned out pretty cool. My husband did not appreciate the cheap brushes and limited paints included in the packs, but he put up with us and painted a pirate as well.

This summer I picked some wooden creatures to paint. I am always anxious that G will think my craft projects are dumb(he is an eleven year old boy after all)...but he really loved the snake I selected. Once again the pack included cheap brushes and limited paint choices, but I love his finished product.

Have you been up to any crafting projects with cool kids this summer?


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