Monday, August 15, 2011

the rat race and the search for simplicity

I've been thinking a lot about the endless work, work, work cycle our culture celebrates lately as I struggle to find balance and time for the things I love: my husband, my beautiful baby girl, my family, long naps, and my endless craft adventures. I recently finished a great non-fiction book by Wanda Urbanski (she hosted a show called "Simple Living" on PBS for many years) called "The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life."  
The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life

Her book cited some other interesting titles on the subject of slow living and the search for a new simplicity. I found one of them at the library. It is called "Affluenza: the all-consuming epidemic". I love this quote from the book: "In Taylor's new dream, the word simplicity means far more than cutting back on consumption. It means cutting back on unwanted thoughts, waste, and stress-- scrapping the artificial and superficial in favor of the authentic. It's not just simplicity of stuff, but also simplicity of purpose, and clarity of mind. It's about being contented and connected, rather than confused."

The Taylor cited in the book used to work at the Center for the New American Dream. They have a great website you should check out if this topic interests you. What is your version of the "American Dream"? I don't dream of driving a giant SUV (hello giant gas bill) and living in a McMansion, but I also don't dream of living completely off the grid. My ideal life falls somewhere in the middle of these extremes. I want my life to be filled with purpose, abundant joy, love, peace, crafts, long naps, and walks on the beach...doesn't that just sound lovely?     


This is so interesting to me. I have been thinking about this so much lately. All the "stuff" that we don't really need that detracts from our quality of life and how we spend our time. Feeling the need to pull away from those distractions and simplify the noise to get to what's meatier, more real. I will have to look into these books/website. Thanks!

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