Thursday, February 16, 2012

Topsy-Turvy Gardening Goals for a wannabe urban homesteader...

I love the homesteading concept of making many things yourself, but I live in an old condo building in the middle of a city. I have no land to work. I have no storage. I have a toddler who has her hands in anything she can reach. I have a good friend who has used the topsy-turvy tomato plant grower for several years. I got ambitious with my gardening in 2011 and decided to grow some tomatos with a topsy-turvy. The one I purchased also had holes for herbs so we purchased several herb plants along with our tomato plant. The herbs grew...the tomato plant never grew. I don't know if I over-watered it or under-watered it, or didn't give it special tomato plant food...all I really know is that my tomato crop was zero. Not a single tomato grew in the urban garden.

I have since consulted a couple websites and books. I think my problem might have been the wrong variety of tomato plant. I might be down, but I am not out. I will try again this summer. Wish me luck. Any fellow topsy turvy growers out there?


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