Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday Night cake

I whipped up a quick cake for my husband's birthday dinner on Monday...our plans changed due to a family member illness and we found ourselves unexpectedly at home. So the time crunch called for some quick and easy baking...
I tried a new recipe, Sunday Night Cake, found in the Baked bakery's second cookbook, Baked: Explorations, called Sunday cake. The authors used this description for the cake,  "a no-frills affair-- no layers to fill, no curds to set, no egg whites to whip. It is just an exceedingly pleasing, simple, and delicious gently spiced sour cream cake." They include a chocolate frosting recipe, but suggested swapping out confectioners' sugar for chocolate if pinched for time...so I did.
This is the first sour cream cake I have ever baked. The sour cream definitely gives the cake a noticeably different flavor. I usually bite into desserts expecting them to be super sweet, so this cake was a bit out of my cake comfort zone. My husband used the word "interesting." I melted some chocolate and drizzled it over my piece just to experiment with the flavors. If you like sour cream I would recommend giving this recipe a try.


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