Monday, August 27, 2012

Black Thumb 2012...topsy turvy fail.

Well folks, I am sorry to report that round two of the topsy turvy tomato gardening was an epic failure. I started earlier, got a better variety, plant food, and good soil=I was prepared for garden success. I was so excited to actually have four baby tomatoes, but alas, the black thumb found me and this is as large as they grew.

still looked promising...

my baby tomatoes next to a real one...

My dear sweet hubs actually watered it religiously for me, because he is better about remembering to do things daily, and the tomato plant still died. The plant actually broke completely off and was lying sadly under the topsy turvy one night. I think I am giving up on the topsy turvy. I might try a regular plant pot next year...if that doesn't work, then I truly must give into the taunting black thumb. I love the idea of urban gardening...not so sure my condo is an ideal spot for it. Maybe I will rent a square in the community garden...and hope the tomato death black thumb doesn't find me there. Anyone else have a complete gardening fail this summer?


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