Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UNC babies!

My good friend since childhood is about to embark on the ride of her life...otherwise known as motherhood. I wanted to make her baby something special. LBR is being welcomed into a household of Carolina love. As a fellow Tar Heel grad and fan, I felt duty bound to make a UNC themed gift. One of my all-time favorite baby gifts was a set of fabric burp cloths. They were big enough and thick enough to catch all the baby spit-up headed my way, so I wanted to give her some too. I stamped one with the UNC logo and my mom helped me sew another one with UNC fabric. I also logo stamped a onesie and ironed on some football bling to a set of baby overalls. I am pleased with the finished products and hope she enjoys them. Can't wait to meet the newest Tarheel fan in their house!

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And they are so adorable! Baby TJ will be super cute in his UNC gear!

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