Friday, April 20, 2012

Topsy Turvy Gardening 2012 edition

So I may be a little down and out after my first year of topsy gardening produced zero tomatoes...but I am not out yet. Last week we went to the store and purchased a different variety of tomato, called Patio, which I am hoping will thrive in the 2012 topsy turvy. Tomato food also made it into our shopping cart. This tomato plant had better grow this year...while plant shopping we also picked up some new herb plants. Minty delicious mojitos are definitely on the drink menu this summer.
Urban gardening is so different than my mom's beautiful suburban garden beds-no shed, limited tools, limited space. Pondering potato growing and a potato barrel at some point. It has been an adventure to figure out what I can garden in my small urban condo. Too bad we can't grow a bunch of fruit-my child would happily live on a 24/7 fruit diet. I will post some periodic updates. Keep your gardening green fingers crossed for me.

"patio" tomato in the turvy

mint, parsley, basil


Good luck with the plants! Maybe you won't have the bug problems I seem to be plagued with here... I'm excited to see little tomatoes and mojitos!

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