Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creativity, Voyages, and Churchill

Found this in an old anthology from Reader's Digest called "Getting the Most out of Life" and really wanted to share this quote---
"Buy a paint box and have a try. It would be a sad pity to shuffle along through one's playtime with golf and bridge, when all the while, if you only knew, there is waiting for you close at hand the wonderful new world of thought and craft, a sunlit garden gleaming with color. Inexpensive independence, new mental food and excercise, an added interest in every common scene, an occupation for every idle hour, an unceasing voyage of entrancing discovery-- these are high prizes. I hope they may be yours."

You will never guess the author of this quote(okay, maybe my blog title clued you in)-- Winston Churchill. It is condensed in the anthology and entitled "My Adventures with a Paint Brush" from his work "Amid These Storms." I always associate Winston Churchill with serious matters of state and world war history. I had no idea he was also a painter. Love the phrase "an unceasing voyage of entrancing discovery"! What voyages of discovery have you been on lately? Have you been thinking of trying a new hobby? Take Churchill's advice and buy a paint box or a set of needles and some yarn. You never know what you might discover in your voyage if you don't try. This month I have been enjoying warm sunshine, beautiful gardens, and wonderful times with family and friends. Hope your summer voyages are full of new discoveries and lovely memories.

gorgeous flowers from my mom's garden


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