Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wise advice for those of us with too many creative projects and not enough time...

We traveled down to NC recently to visit with family members who have a beautiful home in a golf course community. Of course, I could care less about the lush green golf courses. I did love seeing and admiring the cross-stitch samplers framed all around their house. Envision beautifully intricate designs- not the cross-stitch basic samplers every little crafter does in elementary school.
It is always wonderful to sit and chit chat about creative ventures. My aunt knits, cross-stitches, and quilts. I told her how I have a tendency to start projects and never quite finish them. My husband and my mom's attic would have shouted an "amen" after my crafting overload confession moment.
A woman she knew who completed a quilt a week (I can't even imagine that level of productivity) told her to "never go to sleep without putting her hands on her projects." My aunt then told the story of a quilt that had been lingering unfinished at her house and after getting that advice she did work a little on it each day until it was done. Finding large chunks of crafting time is definitely an ongoing challenge. I have been thinking about this piece of advice and am going to give it a whirl. First up: knitted squares that are still waiting to be stitched together into a blanket for my daughter...
Oh, on a side note: we also went for a nice walk on the beach while down there. Children playing at the beach= total joy.


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