Wednesday, March 2, 2011


While I was very pregnant and waiting for baby to join us last year, I was laying on the couch channel surfing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, oooooooh, Martha Stewart show segment involving baking. She was featuring a co-owner from a Brooklyn based bakery (one of the few times I wished I lived in my brother's NYC neighborhood...) making a brownie/cookie pie treat. It looked so good. I decided to investigate the bakery online ( and found out they had their own cookbook, Baked. I snapped it up on amazon and have tried several recipes out of the cookbook and have a personal favorite, Banana Chocolate Chip Espresso Muffins. Such a good way to start the day. Coffee and some delicious baked goods. One of my Christmas gifts from my sweet husband was their second cookbook, Baked: Explorations. I haven't tested any of the recipes yet...but how do these sound? Pumpkin cheddar muffins, Nutella scones, Peaches and Dream Pie, Sweet and Salty Brownie. Good, oh yeah. I am expecting that they will be eat 'em up tasty.

whoopie pie cookies made from recipe found in Baked


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