Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the 10 year blanket project

Have you ever started a project and gotten in way over your head? Well...this is the story of the ten year blanket project that took, you guessed it, ten years to complete. While I was in graduate school I got the bright idea that I could make a blanket out of the large stash of t-shirts I accumulated in college. I love these shirts because they are connected to so many great memories...college orientations, field hockey teams, clubs, and honor societies. So I cut these shirts into blocks thinking I could piece them together into a blanket. Graduate school and three part-time jobs stopped my blanket project. Once I returned home and had free weekends again, I took my grandmother on a shopping expedition to the fabric store. My sewing expertise, or lack thereof, quickly became a problem. I am not sure how I thought I would magically peice this blanket together. The blocks sat in a closet for a while, until my mom graciously agreed to help my project along with her sewing machine. I laid out a pattern for all the shirts. She then machine-stiched around the block edges. My mom is incredibly busy with her own projects and the blanket took a few more years to complete. I love the finished product. I love that I can keep warm with all those memories on this blanket. So it may have taken me ten years and some craft rescue to turn those t-shirt squares into this blanket, but it was totally worth the wait.


Love it, Mel!

I had so many of those same t-shirts, but most of them got too yucky to save. My white CFH sweatshirt is still in my closet. It's so thin that it is like a t-shirt now. I haven't worn it in years, but I can't get rid of it! =)

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